Buceye is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and we’re proud Buceyes, we just spell it different.

Buceye is dedicated toward making the world a better place by providing you with high quality products for an affordable price. If you want to get to know the team just stop by our retail store coming soon to Columbus, Ohio.


Buceye want’s to build low cost resorts across America that you can reside at. Think indoor water parks, gardens, and beaches, sport facilities, climbing walls, and gyms. $599 for a 1 bedroom, resort access included. We want affordable living to be luxurious and open to all. Expect lot’s of on-site nature are year-round walkable/indoor gardens.


We don’t sacrifice on quality, if we ever offer a product that isn’t meant to last due to customer demand, we will label it with a disclaimer on the page. Overall we only supply products that are durable, well made, and for non consumable products come with a lifetime return or exchange for store credit, which in the future will be able to be used for rent at one our resorts.


We currently specialize is Delta-8 and hemp products. This is a sought after product and many of the companies in the industry sell low quality products. Expect a wider range of unrelated high-quality great prices products in the future. Due to the consumable nature of our products we take great pride in only using the safest ingredients available to use in our products.

Terpenes: The terpenes used in our products are natural non-synthetic plant based botanical terpenes. We are aware of the emergence of hemp extracted terpenes but have not used them due to very high cost and bad fragrances. Unfortunately when terpenes are extracted from cannabis or hemp you get a result that is less enjoyable then the strain essence that can be achieved with botanical terpenes mixes.

Terpene S.D.S (Safety Data Sheet)


Terpene Certificate of Analysis

GSC_SDS.pdf (shopify.com)


We only use 91% Lab Tested D8-Distillate created from Oregon Hemp in our Carts, mixed with a fresh blend of botanical terpenes for flavor and the correct thick but flowable viscosity required for your aromatherapy needs.


Our bud is cbd or cbg hemp flower that has been infused with delta-8 and terpenes. It’s a natural product and has not been sprayed with synthetic non-hemp derived cannabinoids.


At the same time despite these being natural compounds that does not mean that they are without risks. Luckily hemp d8-thc is very difficult to physically overdose on. According to most research lethal doses for monkeys are over 60 grams of pure thc, pound for pound that would be over 160 grams of pure THC in a human.

“Whether you can die from an overdose of marijuana, the answer is no,” says Alex Manini, an emergency medicine clinician specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

However mental impairment can occur and lead to death from your own actions / poor judgment, please use responsibly.

380 drugs are known to interact with cannabis, please avoid our hemp products if you are on one of these medications, or have one of the following conditions. Women who are Pregnant, people using heart, antidepressant, antibiotics, or other medicines that cause drowsiness.


Cannabis Interactions – Drugs.com Interactions Checker